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Crudessence - Mackay

2157 Mackay Street
Montreal, Quebec H3G 2J2

We believe that the way we eat has a massive impact on our environment and our health. Crudessence offers the pinnacle of healthy eating: food choices based on respect for life and for global well-being. The company appeals not only to gourmet ecologists but also to all those who wish to enhance their health, the curious, athletes and anyone seeking to awaken their bodies and minds.

Crudessence is more than food without cooking, without animal products, without gluten and organic/local. It is a committed company accepting amazing daily culinary challenges in order to create healthy, natural and tasty dishes and share in the celebration of life with other people.

Education is in our make-up. The popularity of the intensive one-day “living foods” workshop (offered more than 300 times to date) led to the development of an authentic Academy of Living Foods. The Academy now offers over 15 workshops devoted to nutrition, culinary techniques and recipes, biology and the philosophy of living foods.

We aim to be an example of human-centred green entrepreneurial success. To show that ingrained respect for the environment and all stakeholders at the heart of our activities are not only viable but also critical for sustainable success. We are working to disseminate global well-being through our goods and service offering, environmental choices, human resources network, construction choices and daily actions, such as the following:

  • Composting

  • Direct links with the local farmers

  • Compostable packaging

  • Environmental construction with recycled products

  • Bicycle delivery

  • Support and education of employees

  • Sponsorship of small supplies

  • Reintegration into society of marginalized workers

  • Community workshops for families

  • Conferences in hospitals, nursing schools and health centres