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Bread Euphoria

206 Main Street
Haydenville, Massachusetts 01039

we are committed to bringing you the very best baked goods available, anywhere. We like to keep things simple. We never compromise the quality or purity of our ingredients for price.
Most of our breads do not use commercial yeast, because we prefer the flavor provided by natural starters and a long fermentation. We use organic ingredients and locally grown ingredients whenever possible. We pride ourselves on the variety of our products, from beautifully prepared standards like our baguettes or croissants to dynamic new combinations in our cakes, pizzas, sandwiches and scones.
We are proud to belong to a community of small farms and locally-owned food producers whose products flavor our great-tasting, nutritious bread and baked goods.


  1. Local: yes
  2. Organic: yes
  3. Menu: http://www.breadeuphoria.org/menu.html
  4. Price: $