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Five Points Bakery

426 Rhode Island Street
Buffalo, New York 14213

Five Points Bakery was conceived upon discovering a French made stone mill. The ideas born from its function paralleled its simple form. The idea was to grind wheat for bread making. And so set the tone for what was to come...

A store appears just a stone's throw from Kevin and Melissa's house, in a neighborhood they have inhabited for close to ten years. The front of the store gets fixed up, and Melissa starts dreaming of a local store. "What about all the hard things to get locally: beans, oil, cheese? Bread!?!"

Enter the mill. Yes you have a store, yes you have a mill, but what about the wheat? After months of sourcing ingredients and researching the endlessly fascinating story of wheat there was none to be had. Searching harder there were more dead ends, then alas, it was found.

The joy of seeing that wheat fill our barrels and waiting to be cleaned was like a warm blanket being wrapped around cold shoulders. REAL FOOD AT LAST!


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