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The Green Grind

567 College Street
Toronto, Ontario M6G 1B2

Sitting in a cafe one day with a likeminded friend we discussed how nice it would be to enjoy our drinks without a feeling of guilt. Why did our favourite pastime have to have a negative impact on the environment? Why couldn’t the coffee options we were given be all fairly traded, or organic, or better yet, both?! Why did our coffee have to come served in unrecyclable paper cups? Why did the cookies and muffins we consumed in the cafe have to be full of pesticides? We grew up with anti-littering campaigns, “reduce, reuse, recycle” slogans, and blue boxes, the messages had sunk in. The idea behind The Green Grind is simple, to combine a love of cafe culture with a passion for the environment.

Environmentalism can co-exist with consumerism when a new generation of informed consumers begin to make the right choices. Instead of choosing a plastic bag, they are reusing cloth bags, instead of driving SUVs they are driving hybrids, instead of using pesticides they are choosing organic, and instead of choosing regular coffee, they will choose organic fairly traded coffee in biodegradable cups.