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Organic Roots Food Market

10151 82 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 1Z5

Organic Roots began as a herbal and vitamin supplement store (Herb ‘N’ Health) in 1997, located on Whyte avenue, Edmonton. Herb ‘N’ Health became known by its signature brand of herbal supplements produced locally under its private label “Herb ‘N’ Health”, for its unique and quality essential oil combinations and largest bulk herb selection in the city.

Recognizing the emerging organic trend in the health food industry in 2002, Herb ‘N’ Health expanded into Organic Roots, a large scale health food market complete with a nutritional supplement section, organic grocery, and restaurant.

Our guiding principle is quality, purity and simplicity and not quantity. We won’t crowd our shelves with thousands of nutritional supplements making sifting through them an ever growing challenge for customers. Instead we want our customers to shop with confidence at our store knowing we have done the homework of finding genuine and safe products for them.


  1. Organic: yes
  2. Fresh Fruit: yes
  3. Fresh Vegetables: yes
  4. Dry Goods: yes