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The Blue Pear Restaurant

10643 123 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1P3
780 482 7178

Fine dining boutique restaurant featuring local ingredients and regional.

Darcy Radies has been pinpointed as the only person in Edmonton to dabble in molecular gastronomy, a totally modern approach to food. The focus of this approach is to create entirely new food, meals that have never been done before. An example of this that has been replicated at Blue Pear is the ‘breakfast for dessert’ that features caramelized French toast served with bacon and egg ice-cream.

Jessie has a vision for Edmonton as a diverse, vibrant and sustainable city. Both of these organizations are dedicated to educating consumers on the benefit of shopping, eating and living locally and to giving small business owners strength in numbers.

Growing up on a farm has instilled in Jessie a fierce passion for community. Jessie believes strong, sustainable communities are the direct result of citizen participation and has worked to educate Edmontonians on the importance of the local economy, its relation to their community, and the power they hold to change it.


  1. Local: yes
  2. Organic: yes
  3. Menu: http://www.thebluepear.com/Menus/BabyBluePear/tabid/7278/Default.aspx
  4. Price: $$$
  5. Alcohol: yes