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Bolli's Buffalo Meat

Highway 20
Hoadley, Alberta T0C 0M0

Bolli Buffalo Meat features pasture-raised, grass-fed bison.

The bison receive mineral and salt, and we pour on dewormer once a year or as needed. Other than tagging them and treating the odd pink-eye, we leave them alone; no hormones, no routine antibiotics, or anything of that nature. We take the males for slaughter at a small provincially inspected plant, and ask for a large variety of premium tasting products. We ask for small packages that are vacuum wrapped, making them saleaable to small families in the cities. Deliveries are available year-round to Edmonton and Calgary and places in between so long as it's a fairly large order (i.e. 20lbs or more). This is where we sell by far the most of our product. Meat is also available for purchase directly from the farm, which is located about two miles north of Hoadley.


  1. Local: yes
  2. Organic: yes