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EAT Food for Life Canada

Box 630
Clandonald, Alberta T0B 0X0

EAT Food for Life Canada is an association of small family farms that assist beautiful farm families with their dream of becoming sustainable. Together, they provide a growing source of real food. With each purchase of our delicious, pastured, nutrient-dense meats you participate directly in sustaining your family's access to real food - both now and into the future. Families helping families is genuine sustainability.

The goal is to assist each participating farm family in the quest for sustainability - not to amass wealth for a few, but to share evenly, based upon inputs - and when demand increases, to respond by including additional farm families rather than the risk of transferring an inordinate demand onto the family members of any of the participating farms. The objective here is to protect the family's quality of life as much as possible while helping to ensure sustainability.


  1. Local: yes
  2. Organic: yes