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Toronto Office Markets

Softchoice Liberty Village Market

173 Dufferin outdoor courtyard
Toronto, Ontario M6K 3H7

A Local Food Market specializing in both prepared and fresh foods. Come pick up a little something for lunch and a little something for dinner.
Vendors include
• Yorktown Pies (savoury and sweet pies)
• Cookie Martinez cookies & cakes made with local ingredients with South American accents
• Cheesewerks specializing in killer grilled cheese, condiments and local cheeses
• Loic Gourmet specializing in dinner solutions and canned preserves.
and a variety of guest vendors including Hooked Inc. (fish & seafood), Defloured (gluten free pastries), Monforte Dairy (Stratford based cheeses & charcuterie), and more.


  1. Local: yes
  2. Organic: yes