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Organic Planet Worker Co-op

877 Westminster Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 1B3

Organic Planet purchases from local producers and from other co-ops. Fairly traded and organic products are preferred, as are smaller, more independent suppliers. This reduces shipping costs, both financial and ecological, and ensures that our money stays in our community to support progressive local industry, workers, and farmers.

We believe in the concept of worker ownership, and value the right of workers to exercise direct control over their workplace. Co-operation and consensus allow for each worker to have a voice in making the decisions that effect their lives on the job. We support other democratic co-ops and collectives in our purchasing and promotional activities.

Worker co-ops are cooperative enterprises that are owned and democratically controlled by the employees. The main purpose of a worker co-op is to provide employment for its members. Each member pays a membership fee or purchases a membership share, and has one vote regardless of how much money they have invested in the co-op. The co-op’s assets are collectively owned and surplus earnings are allocated to the workers according to policies established by the co-op, often in proportion to hours worked by members and with limited return on shares.


  1. Local: yes
  2. Organic: yes