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Stewart Organic Farm

2512 Ridge Rd
Wolfville, Nova Scotia B4P 2R3

Alan Stewart grew up in Nova Scotia on his parent’s farm – in the shadow of the economic export boom when many industry-export farms were slowly going under. As a child, he was strongly discouraged from considering farming as a future, and went to school to study science. He received his Bachelor’s of Science from Acadia University and later continued his education at the Technical University of Nova Scotia. Despite his parents’ desire for their son to avoid suffering the perils of farming and in the midst of completing his Master’s in Engineering, Alan Stewart made his major career decision in his mid-twenties: he wanted to become a farmer – and not just any farmer. He wanted to become an organic farmer. Just as he renounced the engineer-structured lifestyle in exchange for the independence of farming, Alan Stewart further forsook the conventional agricultural structures for those of organic farming.

When getting started, Alan Stewart used his science background to understand soil fertility, but only after struggling for a long time to understand why it was important in the first place: “when I started with farming, the ground was just dirt – and that’s part of what convinced me that organics was a challenge I wanted to take – the ground was a living entity: soil.”


  1. Local: yes
  2. Organic: yes