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City Farmer

2150 Maple Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 3T3

Shoemakers, fashion models, computer geeks, politicians, lawyers, teachers, chefs, all city dwellers, all can grow food at home after work in back yards, community gardens or on flat roofs. For the past 33 years, City Farmer has encouraged urban dwellers to pull up a patch of lawn and plant some vegetables, kitchen herbs and fruit. Our message is the same today as it was in 1978 and will be relevant far into the future.

City Farmer teaches people how to grow food in the city, compost their waste and take care of their home landscape in an environmentally responsible way. When visiting Vancouver, British Columbia, visit our staff at the Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden, 2150 Maple Street, and see how we take care of our urban landscape. See a compost toilet, green roof, cob shed, organic food garden, permeable lane, natural lawn, waterwise garden, worm and backyard composter and more.


  1. Local: yes
  2. Organic: yes