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Loving Hut


140 Spadina Ave
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2L4
(647) 351-7618

The fastest growing international vegan chain restaurant has come to Canada!

Loving Hut, a Vegan cuisine situated in two vibrant commercial-community locations in Toronto, Ontario, are ready to welcome people from all walks of life.

These cosy restaurants provide healthy, delicious foods with a variety of tastes, such as Vietnamese and Chinese dishes, Korean type sushi, Western coffee/tea latte, yummy desserts, and plenty more. Our foods are non-GMO as well as peanut & nut free.

Loving Hut is formed by a team whose passion is more than serving food. Their love for all beings, including our animal co-inhabitants, and their dedication to sustaining a safe and clean environment for us and our children for generations to come have inspired them to work ceaselessly in promoting veganism. The team serves, prepares for take-out, and caters for functions.

Today and tomorrow, come and enjoy a guilt-free vegan meal with peace and comfort. Our team will be delighted to receive you, and to serve you with delectable dishes that are prepared with the utmost love and care.

Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!


  1. Organic: yes
  2. Menu: http://toronto.lovinghut.ca/menu2/appetizer.html
  3. Price: $$
  4. Takeout: yes