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Holdanca Farms Ltd.

12628 Highway 6
Wallace, Nova Scotia B0K 1Y0

Holdanca Farms is a family owned and operated facility,specializing in the production of pasture raised free range meat and eggs. Under the direction and management of John Duynisveld and his family, the farm not only produces an inspected product free from antibiotics, chemicals and meat by-products, but also strives to educate and inform consumers in the safe and ethical practices that free range production ensures. As both a career farmer and scientist, John puts his dedication and scientific research to the test.

Winner of the 1999 Governor General Award for his academic achievements in environmental research, John endeavors to create a responsible stewardship by implementing a more natural approach to farming than many of today's producers currently use, primarily in the use of pasturing and free range practices.

All livestock are raised on feeds free of antibiotics, animal by-products and growth hormones. Access to fresh air, green grass and sunshine ensures a healthier and more humane method of producing a quality product. All livestock are processed at government inspected facilities and are certified free range. The guidelines for the 'free range' designation were developed by provincial poultry marketing boards and all other Holdanca Farm produce are voluntarily raised under the same guidelines.


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