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Columbia Greenmarket

Broadway at West 114 Street
New York, New York 10025

This market is open every Thursday and every Sunday all year round. It serves a diverse population including Columbia University students, faculty and staff, St Luke’s Hospital staff, visitors and patients and upper west side residents. Several of the farmers attend both days but each day has its own distinct character. Thursday’s market thrives on the hustle and bustle on the work and school day schedule with busy times and slower times and many products which can be purchased quickly and carried to school, work or home. On hand are milk, fruits, cider, farm baked treats, preserved fruits and vegetables, eggs, cheese, smoked meats, pickled vegetables, maple syrup, honey, focaccia topped with locally sourced fruit, vegetables, herbs and cheeses (which are a favorite at lunch time). From April to November, Hodgson’s farm joins the market bringing a big selection of plants and some of the best fruits and vegetables around.

Sundays have a more laid back feel but folks come to do their serious shopping. Samascotts, Stannards, Beth’s Farm Kitchen and Meredith’s Bakery all return for the 2nd day. They are joined by Pura Vida who brings the freshest fish available anywhere, Milk Thistle Farm’s incomparable organic milk, cream and chocolate milk, and Ardith Mae Farm who provides the only local goat cheese north of 14th st! David Rowley of Monkshood Nursery supplies us with certified organic greens from his greenhouse and a selection of vegetables including the world's best cherry tomatoes. In the summer, Gonzalez Farm provides greens, staple vegetables and some specialty produce.

Schedule: Thursdays and Sundays, Year-round, 8am - 5pm. 2011-12 Scheduled Changes: 11/24/11 will be rescheduled to Tuesday 11/22/11; 12/25/11 & 1/1/12 will be closed.


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