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Ballard Farmers Market

5330 Ballard Ave. NW
Seattle, Washington 98117

At the picturesque year-round Ballard Avenue location you’ll find a thriving market that has won acclaim as the best local farmers market for two years running because of a constantly expanding variety of products and specialties from local farmers, culinary artists and craftsman designers.

Enveloped in the tree-lined canopy of this Historic Ballard street and laced with the happy sounds of musicians, children and the Sunday shoppers, Ballard offers a vast selection, throughout the year, of local fruits, berries and vegetables from Washington farms, ranches and fishing boats, as well as wild-crafted edibles, such as honeys, mushrooms and wild greens. Favorite attractions are the expansive choice of delectable artisan cheeses (both dairy and goat), pastured
beef and goat meats, poultry & eggs, wild seafood, shellfish, organic grains, fresh milk, butter and yogurt-not to mention dazzling arrays of flowers. You’ll also find a wide array of artisan processed foods, such as sauces, jams, breads, seasonings and herbs, wines, ciders and kombucha, candy,
local nursery plants, fresh breads and pastries, plus so much more. Adding local brilliance are wonderful craftspeople, designers of furniture, ceramics, garden art, jewelry as well as purveyors of hand-made soaps, lotions, and clothing items. You can savor the old-world atmosphere by visiting the local
wine and coffee shops, line international cuisine restaurants, and unique clothing and home design stores located on the block.

Time of Year: April-Nov, and Dec-March, Days of Week/Hours: Sunday, 10 - 3 (summer) and 11-3 (winter)


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  2. Organic: yes