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Kitsilano Farmers Market

2690 Larch Street
Vancouver, British Columbia 

Vancouver Farmers Markets (otherwise known as Your Local Farmers Market Society) is about people who love fresh food at festive gatherings. With the initial goal in 1995 to create the fun and value of weekly Farmers Markets in urban settings, the Society and the Markets have become Vancouver plazas of fun, discovery, and connecting.

The good feeling of the Markets gets even deeper. We produce our weekly Markets to create healthy food networks that sustain our land, our community, and our homes.

When you shop at Vancouver Farmers Markets, you help keep BC farmers farming.

Through the Markets and our special events, the Society spreads awareness of agricultural issues facing our largely urban society. These issues range from the truths about genetically modified foods, to fair pricing for agricultural products, to the glory of a variety of foods available with a locally-networked food system. If you have questions about how and what kinds of food arrive at your table, a visit to the Markets, and a tour of this website, will bring you some fresh answers.

Sundays, May 22 - October 23, 2011 10am - 2pm each week


  1. Local: yes
  2. Organic: yes