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EcollegeY - The Real Green Grocer

4627 Wilson Ave.
Montreal, Quebec H4A 2V5

You've just discovered Montreal's only all organic grocery store & delivery service!

Not only do we carry the finest and freshest available produce (fruits & veggies), we're also famous for our fresh meats, poultry and seafood. All certified organic... of course.

The goal of our shop is to provide you with the freshest food available. We achieve this by bonding with many local organic farmers. We've developed more than a business relationship with these carefully chosen stewards of the land. These growers care as much about how they treat their land and livestock as you do about feeding your family.

Now that you've found EcollegeY, we can work together to bring your meals alive with food produced without compromise in the true organic spirit.


  1. Neighbourhood: Notre Dame de Grace
  2. Local: yes
  3. Organic: yes
  4. Fresh Fruit: yes
  5. Fresh Vegetables: yes
  6. Dry Goods: yes