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Le Frigo Vert

2130 rue Mackay
Montreal, Quebec H3G 2J1

Come to the store to buy organic bulk and pre-packaged food, alternative health products, environmentally-thoughtful cleaning supplies, sandwiches, snacks, 50-cent coffee and much morel Hang-out in the lounge you don't need to buy anything), heat up your lunch, get informed about local activist and arts events, find out more about food and anti-oppression politics, use the gender neutral wash rooms, volunteer, study, or just take a break from the hard world! Le Frigo Vert is a public space, it is run collectively and it belongs to no one person or group.

It's hard to eat well...
... to have enough money and time, to be close to affordable grocery stores, to know how to cook, to have a good relationship with eating... It's also hard because we don't usually decide how our food is produced, how fresh it is, and what kind of food is available. But we do want to eat well! We don't want to be dependent on big food corporations who make money off as because we need to eat — corporations that don't care about the quality of our food or the conditions of food workers. We want to know that the food vie are eating hasn't been poisoned by chemical pesticides or G140s (see below). We want our food to be full of nutrients and minerals because the land was farmed in ways that keep the soil rich. We want to eat food that is good for our bodies and our communities. This is what being able to eat well means to us...


  1. Local: yes
  2. Organic: yes