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Jean Talon Market

7070 Henri-Julien St.
Montreal, Quebec H2S 2W1

The market is open year-round, even during Montreal's severe winters, although during this time walls are placed around the entire market area. During the peak summer period, between June and October, its open-air arcades are occupied by about 300 vendors, mostly farmers from the countryside around Montreal.
The open air market is surrounded by other food businesses: meat, fish and cheese stores, bulk food emporia, dealers in spices and imported goods, bakeries, restaurants and a branch of the SAQ, among others.
Stores surrounding the open-air market include: La Fromagerie Hamel William J. Walter boucherie Les Touilleurs kitchenware
Since July 15, 2006 vehicles are banned from circulating inside the market's streets during the summer weekends.


  1. Local: yes
  2. Organic: yes