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Ambrosia Natural Foods Thornhill

55 Doncaster Avenue
Thornhill, Ontario L3T 1L7

Over twenty-five years ago, John and Rina Sheldon opened a retail food store on John Street in Thornhill. The company, Ambrosia Natural Foods, sold nuts, dried fruits, baking goods, snacks and other bulk food items at discount prices.

After 15 years of business at the John Street location, Ambrosia Natural Foods embarked upon a major expansion in 1994. It moved from its 700 sq. ft. John Street location to a 7,000 sq. ft. retail warehouse on Doncaster Avenue in Thornhill. Ideally located on the edge of Metropolitan Toronto and York Region, Ambrosia Natural Foods attracts thousands of local and out-of-town customers weekly.

In addition to organic fruits, vegetables and dry groceries, our refrigerated section has recently been expanded to accommodate our ever-increasing product selection. Our coolers contain a full selection of organic dairy and dairy-free products including milk and milk substitutes, yogurt, cheese, tofu, eggs, juice and more. Our freezers house a variety of prepared meals, vegetarian alternatives, organic and naturally-raised meat, organic fruits and vegetables, specialty breads and a large selection of dairy-free ice creams.


  1. Organic: yes
  2. Fresh Fruit: yes
  3. Fresh Vegetables: yes
  4. Dry Goods: yes
  5. Parking: Free