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Hamilton Farmer's Market

55 York Boulevard
Hamilton, Ontario L8R 3K1

The Hamilton Farmers' Market was originally founded in 1837, at the corner of York & James Streets. Andrew and Mary Miller transferred a small parcel of land to the President and Board of Police of the Town of Hamilton, to be utilized specifically for a Market.

The Market has been in its current location next to the Hamilton Public Library since August 1980. The modern architectural design provides a mezzanine level and lower level, consisting of 176 stands and approximately 80 stallholders. All indoors!

There are rows of farm fresh produce from sun-ripened tomatoes, fresh picked apples, nuts, dried fruit, bright coloured flowers, lettuce crisp and fresh, the choicest cuts of meats, fish - the finest from the sea, fresh baked goods, tangy cheeses, tropical fruits and even coffee and donuts.