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The Healthy Butcher

298 Eglinton Ave. West
Toronto, Ontario M4R 1B2
416-ORGANIC (416-674-2642)

There are those who eat to live. And then there are those who live to eat. The Healthy Butcher caters to the latter. Whether you are buying fresh organic meat to be used in your own food creation or buying our gourmet prepared foods to be eaten by candlelight accompanied by a nice glass of wine, we ensure that what you’re eating instigates within you a passion for food and most importantly, has been produced the way nature intended.

Do you remember the days when you could walk into your local butcher shop to buy fresh meat grown locally by a farmer who cared about his animals? When the cows would graze in large pastures? When the chickens had access to both indoors & outdoors and had time to sleep? And when growth was determined by the animals eating habits, not growth hormones and anti-biotics. For most of us, unfortunately, the answer is no. Industrialization over the last few decades has brought us to this day of antibiotic stuffed, water injected, assembly-line cut, pre-packaged meat.

The Healthy Butcher aims to restore an area of the food industry that has wrongly disappeared. We are your good 'ole fashion butcher.


  1. Neighbourhood: Eglinton Park
  2. Local: yes
  3. Organic: yes