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Kind Food

399 John St.
Burlington, ON L7R 2K3

Kindfood is part of the “food revolution”. There is a shift in consciousness sweeping our relationship to our food and our world. People are becoming very aware about the food they are eating, where it comes from, how it is made, what it is made of, and how it directly reflects who we are. We are all learning that, “you are what you eat!”! Our food choices are also a very important part of our environmental challenges. Eating whole organic plant-based foods is not only the healthiest choice you can make for you and your family, it is also good for the planet, and it tastes better!

At Kindfood, we are committed to the belief that food is an essential source of our energy, health, longevity and happiness. Our food choices are an indication of our respect for ourselves and for all living things. We prepare and provide fresh plant-based foods made without any animal products, dairy, eggs, refined sugars, additives or preservatives.

We use biodegradable food containers made from vegetable and post-consumer recycled paper, and we use filtered water for our drinks, and vegetable and fruit washing.

We love our farmers and buy locally grown, organic produce and ingredients whenever we can.

All our products are humanly harvested and fair-trade compliant.

In the same way that a seed provides the beginnings for a vibrant plant, the food we eat provides the beginnings for vibrancy, vitality and flourishing health.

Your choice to eat and shop here today is a contribution toward the planet, your community and your health.


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