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Health Tree

3827, boulevard St. Jean
Montreal, Quebec H9G 1X2

Healthtree has been a provider of health and wellness solutions in the Montreal area since 1990. Healthtree originally started as a small boutique and to serve the growing needs of our customers we have expanded our West Island location.

With today's health concerns what fuels our body is important therefore the quality of these ingredients is our focus. Our Customer's can choose from an extensive selection of homeopathic, herbal, sports, pet, children and other nutritional supplements. As well as a full compliment of organic groceries, organic produce, organic meat & dairy, specialty foods and ready to eat delicacies.

What we put on our body is just as important as what we put in our body. We have put special attention into the diversity and selection of our natural body care, cosmetics, aromatherapy and accessories.

Our staff is committed to providing our customers with knowledge, information and service to make healthier life choices. John Brody and Rita Perugini, owners of the Healthtree, have cultivated a premiere health food store that provides their customers with the ultimate health food shopping experience. Through the highest quality products and services we will help our customer's live happy & healthy lives.