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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LocalFoody?
LocalFoody is the first geographic and socially connected sustainable food directory. We use simple tools to help people find places where they can buy sustainable food.
Who are the people behind LocalFoody?
We are a small group of food loving web people - Stephe, Anne, and Francois - living in Toronto, Canada.
I'm having trouble with the site, how can I contact you?
You can drop us a line by clicking here or leave a comment by clicking the big black "Feedback" button on the site. You can also visit us on Facebook or Twitter.
Does it cost anything to use LocalFoody?
LocalFoody is completely free to use. At some point in the future we may offer a premium version for smart phones.
So how do you make money?
We sell advertising and sponsorship to businesses that are interested in communicating to our audience.
Does it cost anything for merchants to get their places on LocalFoody?
No, listings on LocalFoody are free.
What are your terms of use?
Here's a link to our terms of use.
What is your privacy policy?
Here's a link to our privacy policy.
What is ZoomCrowd Inc.?
ZoomCrowd Inc. is us, the company that runs LocalFoody.