LocalFoody - Find Good Food LocalFoody - Find Good Food


  1. Cafe
    How about a fresh cup of Joe that tastes delicious and is sustainable? Here's a list of cafes near you that specialize in organic coffee and other food.
  2. Caterer / Chef
    Looking to go Organic and Local for a corporate or personal event? Want to hire a great local chef? Look here!
  3. Community Garden
    What better way to get local and organic food than to grow your own? Find where you can garden in your community.
  4. Coop / Buying Club
    Use the power of collective buying to find great local food and get the best available price. These organization come in all shapes and sizes so shop around to find one that works for you.
  5. Delivery Service
    Looking to have a box of great local produce delivered to your door on an ongoing basis? This is a list of companies that provide this service near you!
  6. Farm
    There's nothing more natural then going straight to the farm. We feature a list of farms that sell directly to the public.
  7. Farmers' Market
    The original source of local food! Every year more and more farmers' markets are sprouting up all over North America. Support a local farmer by buying fresh near you.
  8. Organization
    The Local and Organic food movement is supported by thousands of organizations and volunteers. Here's a list of those in your area.
  9. Restaurant
    Restaurants near you that feature good, organic and local menu items. Support your local chef and eat more healthily and sustainably.
  10. Store
    To help you find places to buy your food and take it home, this category includes local markets, stores, and other shops where you can buy local and organic.